Production Flow Control:

When the Load Carrier Ensures Quality in Production

Production Flow Control: How do you ensure that the right raw materials are delivered punctually, in full and correctly to the related production stage according to the production order? How do you adhere to production processes at the individual production stages, e.g. dwell times or production sequences? How automated is your quality assurance process?

Content and production order are linked as a unit by means of the load carrier ID. The data is automatically synchronised at each production stage. This plausibility check eliminates errors. The contents of the container are only released for the machine when everything is correct. This is guaranteed by Production Flow Control.


Production Flow Control: the production order Ā»controlsĀ«

  • At the first production stage, the first empty container is automatically registered by RFID, and the container ID, the material and production data are "married" in the (guiding) controlling system (PPS, Material Flow Controller, MFC).
  • This container is controlled in accordance with the production order. Forklift control systems or driverless transport systems could be integrated at this stage.

Through Production Flow Control: quality assurance prior to the start of production

  • Punctual, error-free and complete delivery to the respective production stage
  • Automatic RFID registration of the containers at the respective production stage. Automatic plausibility check of materials and production stage
  • The machine is only released for loading once this plausibility check has been carried out.

Through Production Flow Control: quality assurance at every stage of the production

  • This procedure is repeated at each stage of the production for quality assurance purposes:
    • Load carriers are loaded
    • Material and production data and the container ID are »married«
    • Plausibility checks and postings upon delivery of the material